Hidden Secrets in Organic Food

Sometimes, it’s easier and less worrisome not to know what’s in your food- it must be safe otherwise the supermarkets wouldn’t sell it, right? Wrong. The truth is we just don’t know what real harm pesticides can do to our bodies, but we know that our children’s are more vulnerable to their potentially harmful effects. […]

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Sugar Rush, Make it Stop!

The food your child eats has everything to do with how much energy they have or don’t have. Sometimes they can be lethargic and sluggish, wanting to spend hours in front of the TV. At other times they might be bouncing off the walls long into the evening; you hope that they’ll wear themselves out, […]

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Fibre-ific Food

There are two kinds of fibre- the soluble kind and the insoluble kind- we’re on the latter here today- sometimes called dietary fibre. Is your family getting enough of it? Sometimes referred to as  ‘roughage’– getting  fibre is not just an issue for older people, but essential for kids too. But getting enough fibre into your kids’ tummies can be […]

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The Best Start In Life

“5th October 2012, Tommy has grown taller by another two inches. I watched him smile as he made another mark on the door frame.” Watching your kids grow is both wonderful and terrifying. Is it really possible for their little bodies to be growing up that fast?  It’s hard to believe just how hard their […]

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Sinful Brownies Recipe

Jessica Simpson (again) made headline for her newest pregnancy craving, which she so coherently called, “slutty brownies” because “a lot go into them”. (Wow, why can’t we come up with lines like those on the spur of a moment? Are we not giving Jessica enough credit?) In any case, we figure out that she actually […]

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Spicy Vegetarian Chilli Recipe

For a Spicy, Chilli Indian evening. The dinner countdown is on (yet again), and you have less than an hour before that television show the kids are being occupied with (thankfully!) is over. Here’s the solution: Spicy Vegetarian Chili, made is 40 minutes or less! No joke! This veggie chili recipe from Meatless and Marvelous, […]

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Tofu Chocolate Chip Cookies

Got an aversion or are allergic to eggs? Or perhaps you just want to cook a bit healthier. Well, have we got a delicious recipe for you, thanks to Kuty’s Korner and Mori-Nu: Ingredients 1 Cup unsalted margarine 1 Cup unrefined cane sugar 2 Tablespoons light molasses 4 Tablespoons Firm Tofu, pureed 1 Teaspoon vanilla […]

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