Junior Gautier, Fendi & Paul Smith Fashion Quick Look

What’s on the front of your t-shirt? FFM loves these surreal prints for kids from Paul Smith Junior : moons with moustaches, sleeping zebras and carrot-rockets. Children love the weird and wonderful things in life, and these quirky clothing lines and designs are just the right mix of imaginative and cute. Much more than just a t-shirt. As parents, we all want to support our kids’ imaginative lives and encourage story-telling, so making the most of the design spaces on their clothes will give them ideas and make them smile.

The Paul Smith Junior line comes in at a little pricey for the average parent, but we have a few tips for adding a little imaginative spark to your kids’ clothes.

Top Fashion Houses for Junior Fashion from Gautier, Fendi and Paul Smiths

Last years collection from Junior Gautier, Fendi and Paul Smiths

Junior Paul Smith video captured by BabyGuruTV

Junior Gaultier Collection

Junior Fendi Collection

High Street Junior Fashion

Surreal Prints

At zazzle.com  you can find some awesome t-shirts for boys and girls with classic surrealist prints, images of aliens, sea creatures and animals. FMM’s favourite is the insomnia penguin

There is literally hundreds of cute, curious and just plain weird t-shirts to choose from, ranging from $15-$25. Many of the images are designed by independent designers, so the prints are original and your kids will stand out from the crowd, helping promote independence in fashion without busting the budget on designer labels.

T-shirt Graffiti

A really fun way to give your kids true fashion independence, is to let them customize their own t-shirts. Buy a pack of plain white t-shirts and fabric pens, and then give them all the creative license. Branch out into hats, canvas shoes and even socks- but make sure that they stick to their own clothes and put a limit on the number of items they can play with so it’s done in a controlled area.  If they need inspiration, you can look at some images in books or online together. Help them plan their design on paper first, and then practice using the pens on some old fabric like a tea towel. Stupid.com  sell packets of 8 fabric pens online for $10.99 – and they ship internationally. This is a good way of encouraging pride and building confidence in their individuality, without attaching it to expensive looks and labels.

But if the designer look is what you want for your kids, or you’ve totally fallen in love with Paul Smith Junior designs, then littlefashiongallery.com have tons of sales and offers on designer labels for babies, kids and adults. Enjoy!


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