Kids’ Summer Swimwear Fashion: Swimwear that Makes a Splash!

FFM Brings you the Summer 2013 Kids Swim wear Collection

Collection from Carter’s Swimwear


Swimwear Accessories For Children 

Swimwear, children and fashion. Those are three words I that FFM doesn’t think go well together. I’m amazed at some of the very adult looking swimwear aimed at little girls- what’s your status on that one? Personally, I think that safety and comfort are the two top factors in picking out swimwear for children- they have their whole adult lives ahead of them to worry about how they look on the beach!

Here Today Gone Tomorrow!

I don’t know what it is about swimming costumes for little girls, but they seem to have the lifespan of a fly. They get worn two or three times and before you know it the back has gone bobbly and see through and it’s back to the shops again. Or, your little one has suddenly grown two inches over the summer and it’s suddenly too small. Chlorine in swimming pools doesn’t help either- it wrecks light fabric. All these little things really put the ‘cost’ in swimming costume.

Swim Sets

These three-piece ‘swimming sets’ give a little versatility in terms of ‘fashion’ and durability. The pants and shorts and tops can be worn in or out of the water, together or on their own.

Long Tops and Pants

It might be the stretch factor with one-piece swimsuits but FFM finds two-pieces last longer than an all-in-one. But, the more fabric the better where kids’ sun safety is concerned. Long bikini tops- ‘tankinis’- cover up skin and have a little more life in them.

Cosy Cover Ups

FFM thinks these towel dresses are genius, and are very useful for the beach, the pool and splashing about in the garden in the paddling pool. Just throw it over your kid to keep them warm, and they might even extend the life of their swimwear for a few weeks longer!



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