FFM movie selection for Valentines’ Day 14th February 2013

Valentines’ Day doesn’t have to be a fanfare of flowers, chocolate and expensive dinners- an all or nothing event. Why not mark it this year with a babysitter and cosy night at the movies with your loved one? Keep it simple, keep it real: cinema dates are a great way to relax, snuggle up and enjoy yourself on a date. But Valentines’ Day at the movies just isn’t for lovers, if you’ve no one special to share it with this year, grab a pal and head to the flicks anyway. FFMs has hand-picked some new releases, especially for you! Mwah!

Safe Haven– release date 14th February 2013, Director, Lasse Hallstrom (Dear John). 12A

Base on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, this hard hitting drama about a young woman’s dark past, and deep attraction to a recently bereaved man will have the hairs on your neck standing on end. The movie is tense, thrilling and will have you dying to know what the ‘big secret’ is.

Check out Safe Haven on IMDB 

The Playroom – release date 8th February 2013, Director, Julia Dyer: Unrated

Set in the 70s, four children spend the evening in their attic room making up outlandish stories, while their parents weave their own narrative dramas downstairs- partying and flirting with another couple. Whilst the gin is flowing in the living room, we get to know these children more intimately as they act out and discuss the issues affecting their young lives.

Check out The Playroom on IMDB 

A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III – release date 8th February 2013, Director, Roman Coppola. Unrated

This comedy, inspired by its lead actor, Charlie Sheen, documents the life of a graphic designer whose world goes into virtual meltdown after his girlfriend breaks up with him. His car crash of a life is back dropped by a wacky host of characters (including Bill Murray). A comedy that will make you appreciate the small things in life.

Check out A Glimpse Inside… on IMDB 

Beautiful Creatures – release date 13th February 2013, Director, Richard LaGravanese: 12A

Fantasy romance with Jeremy Irons. Not quite Twilight, but cinema’s answer to the next big supernatural love story. Set in a small town in the deep south, two young lovers uncover some dark truths about the families and history of the sleepy back water. Romance with a very creepy twist.

Check out Beautiful Creatures on IMDB

Happy Valentines’ Day to all our readers and followers!


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