Supermarket Psychology 101( Walmart, Cosco, Asda, Tesco, Aldi, Marks & Spencers and more.)


Don’t Do It On An Empty Stomach! Walmart, Cosco, Asda, Tesco, Aldi, Marks & Spencers and more.

The first golden rule of supermarket shopping is this one. Doing the weekly shop when you’re hungry is a disaster for the purse or man-purse. Not only are we tempted by all the snacks in their brightly coloured packaging, making it easy to reach out and plop them into the trolley, but when we’re hungry we naturally have less energy and less will-power to resist.

A second glance at a nearby shopper’s basket, they have already succumb to the discount marketing and clever buy 1 get 1 free psychology tricks. We look back into our own empty basket and feel the need to compensate. Suddenly, our thoughts about budgets and meals for the week become less important- making us reach for quick fixes, tasty treats and allowing us to be easily swayed by sly advertising. Prepare yourself for the big shop, eat well so your mind and body can negotiate the aisles and you can use your brain to plan ahead.


Beware some of these deals, they may look like a good but quite often you end up buying far more than you need. Perishable items such as fruit and veg, confectionary, and dairy products have to be eaten quickly- one portion in a week is normal consumption in a family, do you really need two? Three? But three for the price of two deals certainly add up over the course of a few months when you’re buying things like washing powder and toilet roll. It can feel like you’re spending more, but just watch how the pennies drop when you get deals on cleaning products.

Latest supermarket deals and bargains– Mad About Bargains

The Big Freeze

If you do decide to grab as many 3 for 2 deals as you can, then think about investing in a deep freezer. The bigger the freezer, the longer you can keep stuff (check the number of stars on the side of packets). This is a good idea for things like ice cream, where the portions need to be limited, and joints of meat, which can be saved for special occasions and aren’t always on offer.

Tips on how to freeze from the BBC

Eat In Season

Fruit and veg that travels further, costs more. I’m more than happy to forgo a pineapple that’s come from Columbia in favour of some crunchy apples from around the corner. We’ve got so used to having anything we want at our fingertips, forgetting that we’re paying for the fuel that got it here. Support local, or as local as possible by eating what’s in season and in abundance.

Check out this funky fruit and veg wheel which shows you when and what’s in season from


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