FFM Totally Digs Funky Dungarees for Spring 2013

The word ‘dungaree’ comes originated from India in the 18th century, and referred to loose calico clothing worn by laborers. Overalls, bibs, jeans, call em’ what you like, dungarees  have certainly withstood the decades and saved many an undergarment from paint, oil, mud and other types of nastiness.  That’s why I’m championing dungarees for kids this week- they’re making a comeback as a must-have kids’ item. What’s even more fabulous about these two legged all-in-ones is that (many of them) are unisex, making them good for-hand-me-downs between brothers and sisters. Did I mention that they’re also darn cute?

Get Grubby

Most dungaree fabrics are either denim or corduroy, ideal for charging about the garden or clambering on climbing frames. They will protect whatever’s underneath- (including knees!) and won’t rip or tear too easily. Beware though, paint and denim/corduroy don’t mix well and is hard to remove because of the porous fabric, so consider investing in a pair of ‘overalls’ that can be wiped down easily if your kids prefer painting themselves more than the canvas.

Not just a pair of overalls

Dungarees are coming back in all types of funky fabrics now- and aren’t considered just for mucking about in the garden. They come in wool, jersey fabric, plead and plain cotton- you’ll find a pair for every season- shorts in the summer and fleece in the winter. Dungarees are also comfortable for small children who wear nappies as they keep the bulkiness in, giving them more freedom to run around in.

A line of hipster dungarees for kids is out there, too, which I must admit look a thousand times cooler on kids than they do grown-ups. Check out this little man in eggshell blue ¾ dungarees.

FFM’s favourite dungaree design has to be this quirky Hello Kitty combo in red and black from Ali Express.

Or, you can just go with plain old denim- timeless, versatile, and comfortable!  Think I might get a pair for myself!


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