A Healthy Twist – Burger, Raisins, Smoothies, Pasta and Lollies.

Does the sight of broccoli make your toddler go green? Do grapes make your kids gag? Are you fed up with having to pretend you’re a helicopter just so your children will eat their carrots? Meal times can be a battle when kids refuse to eat anything healthy- but it’s often the sight, not the taste that puts them off, and their fussiness is a natural part of testing boundaries and exercising preferences as they grow up. But it can be worrying when your children are constantly turning away from nutrition; their little bodies and bones are working hard and need all the goodness they can get. Here are some handy tips on how to make sure your kids get at least 5 portions of vitamins and minerals.

  1.  Mushroom burgers- Grill a medium sized field mushroom sprinkled with a little water, add some cheddar cheese and put it in a burger bun. Let your kids add the ketchup, they can even add lettuce if they want! Yummy!
  2. Sprinkle some hulled sunflower seeds and raisins on their cereal– on their own, nuts and seeds aren’t much fun, but they make a scrummy, nutty addition to plain cereal and milk. A little brown sugar won’t do much harm if it means they clean the bowl.
  3. Smoothies– blitz fresh, raw fruit and veg with some plain yoghurt. Carrot and apple is a good combination, so is banana and orange. Use plain yoghurt without artificial sweeteners.
  4. Pasta sauce– Make up a batch of tomato sauce for pasta dishes from tinned tomatoes and stick it in the freezer. Use it for bolognaise or simply sprinkle some grated cheese over it and serve with spaghetti. Great for last minute, healthy dinners.
  5. Frozen fruit ice lolliesbuy some plain lolly sticks and freeze chunks of banana, strawberries, pineapple or whatever else will stay on the stick!

There’s skepticism around the 5 A Day rule, which is advice published by the World Health Organisation – some experts recommend at least 7.The campaign however has led to greater awareness about nutrition- basically, you can never have too much!

Sometimes it might be easier to sneak healthy food in here and there, but I guess being honest with kids about what they eat will mean that they will learn to love the leafy stuff eventually, right?

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