What makes internet shopping so popular?


I do..

I do it on the floor, I do it up against a wall, I do it while in pain and I do it while I train. You can also do it whilst on the toilet and I may have even strayed off a couple of times to do this whilst writing this blog. I am talking about internet shopping so if you are thinking about something else do a 180 degree turn and march yourself back out of that obscure part of your brain.. With the power of smart phones today you can shop online anywhere. It’s not surprising that we see an increase of High street stores closing down with Jessops and HMV being the latest casualty falling foul of the rapidly changing economic times. But are you sick of all the usual websites and looking for something more unique? Some where you don’t mind spending the extra bit of money for the additional quality?

Quality, trustworthy, reliable.

Well below are 3 of my favourite sites I shop at regularly and I’m sharing them with you. So I’m going to swiftly put them down before I change my mind.

Etsy – http://www.etsy.com/
Here is a site I regularly use for items of jewellery as gifts or if I’m looking for something unique and with a bit of quality in craftsmanship. You can even sell your own items on there.

Not on the High Street – http://www.notonthehighstreet.com
Not on the High Street contains over 50,000 products, the site is simple and easy to use. You can even ask for items to be personalised before purchasing. This site is literally a mixture of some of the best boutiques, urban markets and village fairs all in one place.

Achica – http://www.achica.com/userregistration.aspx
Want the luxury items without paying the full price? Achica is a luxury lifestyle brand website where you can find many bargains, sometimes up to 70% off the RRP of certain items. You must register before using this site but personally I would recommend it.

Last Minute Rant

Something I have heard quite a lot recently and every time I hear it I fight the urge to obliterate them with my sharks with lasers attached to their heads. Celery is not a negative calorie food. A stick of celery on average contains 6 calories and to be satisfied you’d have to eat a fair amount. After chewing and digesting this still wouldn’t be a negative number. So before I set my sharks on you, please, just don’t.

Carsewick (rawrrr..)wallpaper_shark laster


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