It’s a New Year and I am Carsewick.

New Year

Fresh Start?

It’s a new year and a new year will always bring new opportunities. So what better way to start the new year than a resolution?

Well not to sound too negative but many people tend not to keep to his or her new year’s resolution, in fact according to research by cancer research UK only 1 in 11 will keep to their resolution within the 1st month and usually it is down to one reason. People tend to set their goals too high. So this year why not set a new year’s resolution you can actually keep to and by keeping to it you are achieving a goal which in turn will make you happier with a sense of achievement rather than the usual futile despair when you realise you’ve just broken another resolution.

Knowledge is the Key.

My point is, why not make your resolution to upgrade yourself? Learn something new every week, something you have always wondered about but never really asked why? Or How? For example, where does the wind come from? Can it really be too cold to snow? Or Why the controversy over Foie Gra? Just by learning something new every week you can bring it up in any social situation and be more confident by having more to say, it has also been said that learning is the easiest and most motivating resolution you can keep to.

3 minute Wonder.

Join me in a 3 minute wonder every week and pick up something new you can talk about. I am Carsewick and this is my Blog into the world of knowledge and wonder.

I specialise in research, overall thinking, developing, analysing and blogging. I have done all the above apart from blogging for over 6 years now. I am a perfectionist when it comes to analysing and research with high attention to detail but as always only when time permits. Grammar is also a must although I tend to still make mistakes now and then (go easy on me).

Five thing’s I can’t live without are; Nutella, Books, my mobile phone, my piano and the internet.


Last Minute Grammar Bites.

Affect and Effect

Affect is a Verb (Although in rare occasions it can be used as a noun)

The addictive nature of Nutella affects many people around the world.

Effect is a Noun (Although in rare occasions it can be used as a transitive verb)

The effects of Nutella on addicts drive them nutty!

Affect is to influence; effect is the result or an outcome.

Happy New Year.

J.D. Carsewick.


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