Review: Cando2 Contemporary Youth Dance

Big announcement! Each month, FFM will feature and review community groups who cultivate creative young talent. Please help us identify these groups in your local communities by contacting us.

I thought I’d start off the review section with a piece about London’s Cando2 dance troupe. Cando2 are connected to the Candoco Dance Company  in London N1. They are a small group of disabled and non-disabled young dancers age 14- 25, specializing in contemporary dance performances. Not only are they talented dancers, but promote positive images of disability across the country. Last year Cando2 visited thirteen London boroughs on the Jam Free tour  whose aim was to encourage participation in dance for young people and promote active lifestyles.

A review from a reporter at the LTD Fest

At the Battlefront LTD Fest at Proud Camden, the group instantly had their audience captivated with their fluid, high-energy movements against a digital string symphonic soundtrack. The seven member group didn’t hold back from bursting into their performance, and they took full advantage of the floor space, quickly emptying and filling it and then finally coming together as a group in neat moments of symmetry. Each dancer had their moment in showcasing their moves, and by pairing up in poses that communicated strong messages about perceptions of disability.

Another review from a reporter at The Roundhouse

In June this year the group performed a double bill at the Roundhouse Studio Theatre: ‘Cravings of Intimacy and Solitude’ a duet by Anna Bergstrom and Kimberley Harvey. The title itself suggest the fears and worries that we have when forming relationships with others. The duet showcased an impressive range of ideas and themes within their choreography. At times it was gentle, frail movements, then becoming lighthearted and then playful. Their ideas made me really think about relationships in the modern world- and how, in such a busy 24/7 society, how difficult it can be to seek those very human needs of ‘intimacy and solitude’.

The second performance was called ‘Long Way Home’ and formed part of the Refresh Project . The performance was a response to lyrics of music selected by some of the country’s leading choreographers. The song ‘Long Way Home’ by hip-hop artist Wretch 32 Feat. Daley, addresses issues of homelessness, drug addiction and deprivation. The adaptations of the lyrics- which are pretty hard hitting- really enforced the message of the song.

You can follow the Candoco and Cando2 youth dance company at their website. If you have children who might want to be involved then email Their rehearsal studio is based at Aspire, the National Centre for Spinal Injuries on the Essex Rd, London N1.

We would love to hear your reviews of your local creative youth theatre groups, and get it featured here or possibly compile a directory for reference. Just an idea. 🙂


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