Hidden Secrets in Organic Food

Sometimes, it’s easier and less worrisome not to know what’s in your food- it must be safe otherwise the supermarkets wouldn’t sell it, right? Wrong. The truth is we just don’t know what real harm pesticides can do to our bodies, but we know that our children’s are more vulnerable to their potentially harmful effects. […]

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Sugar Rush, Make it Stop!

The food your child eats has everything to do with how much energy they have or don’t have. Sometimes they can be lethargic and sluggish, wanting to spend hours in front of the TV. At other times they might be bouncing off the walls long into the evening; you hope that they’ll wear themselves out, […]

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Fibre-ific Food

There are two kinds of fibre- the soluble kind and the insoluble kind- we’re on the latter here today- sometimes called dietary fibre. Is your family getting enough of it? Sometimes referred to as  ‘roughage’– getting  fibre is not just an issue for older people, but essential for kids too. But getting enough fibre into your kids’ tummies can be […]

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Teaching Kids About Failure

This week’s discussion topic from Education Nation is inspired by Jon Dudas’ article Failure is Required for Innovative Learning, which highlights challenging teaching methods that accept failure as a pathway to learning in the science and technology classroom. The method, which has been implemented in Merrimack Middle School in New Hampshire as part of their STEM […]

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Education Nation: When Should Children Start Learning To Read?

‘Helping Kids Read ‘Critical’ to Education’ – Education Nation  October 4th in the US is now national reading day. Read for the Record raises awareness by encouraging families to read together and prepare children for reading as young as possible, so that when they start school they have a head start. The scheme began after research […]

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Review: Cando2 Contemporary Youth Dance

Big announcement! Each month, FFM will feature and review community groups who cultivate creative young talent. Please help us identify these groups in your local communities by contacting us. I thought I’d start off the review section with a piece about London’s Cando2 dance troupe. Cando2 are connected to the Candoco Dance Company  in London N1. They are […]

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