Skate Away the Winter Blues

Who said keeping active during the winter is easy? I have a mixed group of friends, some would still be out in the cold exercising, whilst the others would be on comfortably planted on their the couch with the TV on, catching up on celebrity gossip and eating christmas treats…

Winter Wonderland

Well, I guess that’s nice for a while- but it’s easy to get lethargic and demotivated during the winter. Indoor family entertainment can get expensive too- tickets, crowds, hellish parking… sound familiar? Spending a couple of hours on an ice-skating rink is a special winter treat away from the usual chaos of a busy city.

Ice rinks in London and New York are in some very special settings: in front of London’s Natural History Museum , or New York’s Central Park . Outdoor rinks offer a unique view of the city you live in. Skating has been a popular for centuries and remains a timeless activity, conjuring images of a Dickensian winter- the perfect way to get off the couch and into the Christmas spirit!

A Great Family Activity

Ice-skating is an all round winner for family entertainment. More and more ice rinks are popping up around London and New York and most major cities during the winter, offering family discounts and wheelchair sessions. A session on one of the city’s outdoor ice rinks could be a fun way to spend an afternoon with the in-laws and the kids- enjoying a bit of family bonding on the ice rink,  or just something different to do with your partner on a kid free evening. I’m not sure what it is about ice skating, but there’s something very romantic about skating with your loved one-  holding hands, picking each other up when one of you inevitably falls over! Even if you’re a little unsteady on the skates, watching the crowd is just as fun.  

Good for the Heart and Soul

It’s true ice skating is good for your heart. It’s a wonderful cardiovascular exercise, and if you keep it up for an hour it will leave you feeling re-energized and probably a bit exhausted! Ice-skating builds strength and muscle in the legs and tones the abdomen because of the balance control. However, you’ll have so much fun you and your family won’t realize how much exercise you’re doing. Why not be a kid again and just let go on the ice rink? It doesn’t matter if you’re not a pro; half the fun is in the sliding and slipping about! One tip though, wrap up warm!

Outdoor Rinks in London and New York 

London Natural History Museum ice rink

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 

New York Citi pond at Bryant Park 

New York Central Park



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