Cut Costs by Having Your Weekly Shop Delivered

I must admit I was skeptical when supermarkets started offering delivery services about five years ago. Surely you pay for the privilege, right? Delivery fees range from around £2-6 / $5-10, but some supermarkets offer free delivery if you spend over a certain amount or choose an off peak delivery time. There are loads of other hidden benefits to shopping online that can save money, time, the environment and the delivery fee. 


  1. Save fuel by cutting the weekly supermarket run. Supermarkets plan their delivery routes so that they too save fuel, so you’re also doing a little bit for the environment and cutting congestion on the roads.
  2. Save time: Once you start shopping online and plan ahead a little, you can ‘save’ shopping lists so that the time you spend choosing on the Internet gets less and less.
  3. There is less temptation to buy on impulse online- or give in to demands from the kids!
  4. Buy in bulk. It’s easy to buy six month’s worth of washing powder or shampoo which will can easily cover the delivery cost if you can cut your shop to every two weeks, and means you don’t have to think about running out of essentials.

Tips on covering the delivery fee

  1. Some supermarkets such as Waitrose will deliver for free if you spend over a certain limit. Delivery costs also depend on time, so if you can be at home during their off peak time then costs are as little as £2.
  2. Shop around! If you alternate between two or three supermarkets, they start to get worried and like to lure customers back with discount and special offers.
  3. Sign up for email newsletters. Supermarkets will often send discount codes that often add up to more than the cost of the delivery fee.
  4. Search the web for cash-back offers. If you spend a little time looking for vouchers online, you can easily claim the cost of the delivery fee. Think of time on the Internet as time away from the supermarket or in the car stuck in traffic!

Money Saving Sites


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