Talking to Your Texting Teen

We all know that texting may result in having your teens so addicted to their phones that they rarely look up to see where they are walking. There are rules against texting while driving. There are sanctions and warning against sexting. There are monetary limits to how much your teen can text.

But there is also a world of good for texting teens. No, we’re not kidding. And it involves you texting your teen. That’s right. You. Texting. Your teen.

For one, texting your teen allows them the opportunity to come ask you for help, advice, and guidance without having to explicitly state, “Mom, I need your help” in front of their friends. In other words, they no longer have to lose face in asking their mommy for some love. And you can actually give it to them, without the fear of ruining their social life or standing.

Second, it’s a great way of keeping tabs on your teen. A quick text allows them to stay in contact with you more often and more easily, thereby encouraging them to actually communicate with you on a daily basis (or maybe even more often – if you’re so lucky!)

So let’s put those texting restrictions to a rest… at least as long as they are texting you along with their best friend Gina and that guy from the coffee shop!


2 thoughts on “Talking to Your Texting Teen

  1. My daughter lives in Rome where she works and I live in Sicily. She texts me often but rings me constantly…one ring to let me know that I should call her!!! I now got a special deal with WIND mobile so that I pay only 4 Euros a month and can talk to her on her number for 5o hours a month. Luckily they have this deal, before I used to have to recharge my phone practically every other day.

    1. Hi Magentmama, it’s so lovely to hear that you and your daughter have such a good connection. Have you thought of using Skype? It’s probably cheaper and you can use the video-chat function to see your daughter as well! xx

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