The Best Start In Life

“5th October 2012, Tommy has grown taller by another two inches. I watched him smile as he made another mark on the door frame.” Watching your kids grow is both wonderful and terrifying. Is it really possible for their little bodies to be growing up that fast?  It’s hard to believe just how hard their […]

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Skate Away the Winter Blues

Who said keeping active during the winter is easy? I have a mixed group of friends, some would still be out in the cold exercising, whilst the others would be on comfortably planted on their the couch with the TV on, catching up on celebrity gossip and eating christmas treats… Well, I guess that’s nice […]

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Talking to Your Texting Teen

We all know that texting may result in having your teens so addicted to their phones that they rarely look up to see where they are walking. There are rules against texting while driving. There are sanctions and warning against sexting. There are monetary limits to how much your teen can text. But there is […]

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