FFM Book Review: Call of the Cougar by Lacey Wolfe


Author: Lacey Wolfe
Genre: Erotica (light dominance/submission)
Buy Links: Amazon

Rating: 8 out of 10 stars


It’s been a long time since a man has satisfied Sarah. Deciding to put an end to her dry spell, she seeks out a younger man from her neighborhood with a reputation for pleasing women and taking control. After luring Chase back to her house with the simple excuse of needing a light bulb changed, she learns he’s a Dom. Is Sarah really ready for the pleasure that he can bring her?

FFM Review:

Call of the Cougar is a short story that captures a variety of sexual elements, tension, desires and gratification. In our opinion, we felt the author‘s decision to base Call of the Cougar in a neighbourhood setting, where the lead character “Sarah, the cougar” came up with a simple plot to entice a stranger into a sexual encounter was a little cliche.

The simple storyline meant the reader will reach the center stage of the story, where we are taken into Sarah’s dark fantasy. We really liked how the author focused on the subject matter, and kept a good pace to keep the reader’s interested with fresh domination & submission material.

Merits should be given the author for navigating the common mistakes where a vanilla woman is dropped into a BDSM setting without much explanation or a compelling motivation for the lead and supporting character. This story not only shows the lead male, Chase coaxing submission from Sarah, but he does it with safety and so subtly that Sarah feels comfortable and trusts him. We felt there was  room for character development of Sarah and Chase.

As a whole, the Call of the Cougar is a delightful read. Short and a quick thrill. We recommend it as a short travel companion for those who enjoys wild sexual encounters. 8 out of 10 stars form FFM!

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