Two Year Old Sings Adele’s “Someone Like You”

Here is yet another viral video of a little cutie pie named Makena singing her heart out to popular music… in this one, it’s to Adele’ “Someone Like You”. Check it out:

Of course it’s adorable and worth watching… aren’t all toddlers singing to adult-oriented music worth seeing? If you don’t believe me, simply search for “Two year old sings Adele” and you’ll see dozens of other similar cuties doing the same thing as Makena.

Their mommies and poppies are probably just waiting for that phone call from the local television station in order to get their toddler featured on the air. Next stop… Ellen? Surely that’s the hope, right? Why else would you broadcast your cutie singing to the radio in the car or kitchen to what you hope will be millions of viewers? What do we really get out of that.

Because surely other kids and toddlers around the world are doing the same thing, right? All kids love music, and if we’re like most parents out there, we’d rather listen to our top 40 rather than to “Old McDonald Had a Farm” for the zillionth time. It’s no wonder these kids think that Adele’s “Someone Like You” is just another nursery rhyme.

What’s your take on viral toddler singers?


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