Teach a Kid How to Eat, They Will Eat Healthy for a Lifetime

Ok, so we all know that kids need to eat healthy. I mean, how else did the Sneaky Chef or Jessica Seinfeld get so famous (well, other than the fact that Jessica is married to Jerry Seinfeld). Ever since we first have children we are brainwashed  into thinking that we must somehow sneak the nutrition into our children’s diets. So we take the pains to mash sweet potatoes and hide them in macaroni and cheese, or sneak scrambled eggs into cheese roll-ups, or put the “tasteless” spinach into everything from smoothies to noodles.

And, that may work just fine, after all, the kids are indeed getting their proper nutrition. But the problem is that kids donn’t know that they are actually getting the nutrition we are secretly putting into their diets. They have no idea that they are supposed to  eat well. Maybe we should change our thinking. Somehow we need to actually teach our toddlers that they need to eat healthy foods in order to be strong and smart.

Toys such as A Beary Balanced Belly and websites such as KidsHealth help in giving us and our kids the tools they need to understand that a balanced diet is the only way to go. They help in teaching our kids that eggs are part of the protein group or that strawberries is a source of Vitamin C as well as oranges.

In the end, doesn’t honesty belong in diets, too?

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