On a Diet? Get a Friend.


There’s always pressure in numbers, right? This may be especially true when it comes to diet and exercise. Find the right partner and you can conquer anything. As far as diets are concerned, a partner can rally you up, support you when you’re feeling discouraged by the scale, and can even act as a confidant for when you cheat a bit (and will hopefully encourage you to get right back on that diet horse!)

But what if you just can’t find that right partner? What if your friends have different goals, have different weight loss challenges, or simply have conflicting schedules? That’s when you can turn right to your computer, tablet or smartphone and log on to find that perfect match for you.

Blogs and online discussion boards are there exactly for this reason. They provide you with a network of like-minded individuals perfectly posed to offer you advice, suggestions and support whenever you need it. The best part about it is that you don’t have to even show your face if you don’t want to!

So go ahead, stay anonymous, stay honest and get the truth. We hope your dieting goals are met flying colors, and FastFoodMom is here when you need us! Are you on a diet that works? Tell us about it.

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