Car Time is Connecting Time

How much of your day is spent in the car with your children shuttling them back and forth from school events, sporting events, extra curricular activities, and playdates?

Fast Food Mom FFMs Research:

  • Average Morning school trips is 15 mins
  • Average shopping trip is 24 mins
  • Average play-date trip is 21 mins
  • Average parent attention span 3 minutes
  • 75% of trips are conducted in total silence

Cars have become an extension of our living rooms, and sometimes even our dining rooms (hello, wonderful, convenient drive through restaurants!). But more often than not we tend to crank up the radio or turn on those dreaded back seat DVD players and don’t take full advantage of the fact that we have our kids held hostage, complete with seat belts in a small space where they could have no other choice than to talk to their be-loved parents.

So turn off those radios and DVD players (most likely you are the one in the front with all of the power over those conversation killers anyway) and start talking.

And let’s try to be a bit subtle about it, shall we? Instead of asking “How was your day?”, start off by telling them a bit about your day. A funny story, an irritating guy at work, anything…Then maybe – just maybe – you’ll be able to solicit a story or two about their day. Hey, it’s worth a shot, right? You never know, perhaps car time can end up becoming that all-important “connect with your kid” time. Let us know if you have a different approach!

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