Yoga – A Fad That Hasn’t Faded

Exercise fads come and go. Step aerobics were once the “in” thing. Then came Pilates. Now? Why, Zumba, of course. And while there are surely benefits to all types and forms of exercise (I, for one, love Zumba simply for the fact that it’s harder to figure out if I’ve screwed up a step or two…hundred)…yoga has been the one exercise fad that hasn’t faded. And there doesn’t seem to be an expiration date for this beneficial workout.

Contrary to what my weight-lifting, marathon-running brother may think – yoga does way more than stretching out a bit and breathing a bit more.

  • Yoga stretches help you to relieve tension, pain and fatigue in various parts of your body – often parts of your body that you didn’t even knew existed. After a good Yoga workout you’ll forget about that parking ticket you got for standing in a no parking zone while picking up your grade-schooler (ok, maybe not, but you may feel better about it.)
  • Yoga increases strength. Seriously. If you haven’t tried it, you have no idea just how sore your muscles will be the day after. And that’s because you actually used them. All of them. And you didn’t have to put your hands on some sweaty weights to prove it.
  • Yoga helps with your posture. “Stand up straight”. How often do we say that to our kids, but do we even practice it ourselves? What’s more? Start standing straighter and you’ll see a difference with how you carry yourself. Confidence will be all yours!
  • Yoga helps to relieve stress. And what parent couldn’t use more stress relief? Just breath out that call from the principal’s office…

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