Getting Rid of Outgrown Kids’ Clothes

Kids grow up. Fast. And they leave you with a ton of outgrown clothing and not enough closet space. If you keep them, your spouse will scream. If you throw them away, you’ll be shunned by this “green, recycle, reuse, etc.” world.

So take advantage of “spring cleaning season” and make purging your kids’ outgrown clothes a fun home activity you can do with your kids. Here are some awesome options on how to plan to get rid of those cute clothes.

  • Hand them down. You’ve got friends, family, and neighbors. Show them some good will and dump those “old” clothes on them. Chances are most of them weren’t worn more than twice, anyway. And if they’re lucky, they’ll even end up with some of those brand named labels you got from your Auntie Susan.
  • Donate. Donate. Donate. There are a ton of charities that are begging for gently used children’s clothing such as Big Brother/Big Sister, Salvation Army, LUPUS foundation, the list goes on and on. Be sure to save a receipt to get some tax credit! Hey, it pays to do good.
  • Another way to pay… and a bit more quickly? Check out This innovative company gives you a bag and picks up your gently used kids’ clothing (sizes 12 months and bigger) for free, and actually PAYS you for them. You get more closet space, and more change in your pocket. Can’t get better than that!

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