Bobbi Kristina’s First Interview with Oprah

Ever since the world lost the beloved Whitney Houston, one thing has been on our minds – especially if you are a mother yourself… how is Whitney’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina doing?

Until now she’s been silent. For good reason. Recently, however, she broke that silence and spoke to Oprah. Check this interview clip out

Bobbi Kristina looks much younger than just 19 years old, which makes the tragedy that much more tragic. She needed her mom, just as she said during the interview. But she handled herself with grace, humility, confidence and pride.

But now I hope Bobbi Kristina can go back home, go back into her silence (if she so chooses) and take all the time she needs without the media pounding at her door. Let’s give her some time to grieve, doesn’t she at least deserve that much? Doesn’t she at least deserve that privacy that Whitney seemed fairly good at trying to protect while she was around? Let’s let her do her own thing for a bit, and perhaps check in on her a little later.

As a parent myself, I would like to see that space given to Bobbi Kristina. After all, she was never the one who chose to be in the spotlight – even though she surely was Whitney’s “Greatest Love of All“.

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