Baby Adoption Option? Kim Kardashian, Madonna, Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie

Congratulations to all the 2011/2012 new mommies who chose to adopt a baby! Anyone who has been involved or knows someone who has gone through the meat grinder would say it can be an intense process. How so? And how does it differ for professional women with celebrity status? FastFoodMom is here give you a bit of an insight!

All new hopefuls has to make an application to an adoption agency, then go through a series of checks with them before the search for the new child can begin. Sounds like a breeze? Read on! The checks include a “Home Study” where a social worker is sent to assess the suitability of the parent to adopt. At this stage, the agency will look into the parent’s medical history, health issues, mental state and police checks. Also, interviews will be carried out with family members to evaluate each person’s childhood, relationships and background.

Now, FastFoodMom likes to jump on the Google time machine or the Twitter express to look at some of the alleged colourful activities of  Kim Kardashian, Madonna, Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie. A quick search into any of the following areas; health issues, relationship and out-of-work extra curricula activities would throw up questions for debate or doubt.

  1. Kim Kardashian’s sex life and private video exposed on web  referenced in Huffingtonpost 23/02/2012
  2. Madonna’s divorce with guy Ritchie and her health reference in Celebitchy 
  3. Angelina Jolie’s drug abuse history and her perception now referenced in
  4. Charlize Theron… a South African Actress who appears have a shiny and spotless record!

Let’s turn the time machine dial forward, back to the present. All of the above highly successful celebrity mommies have been approved to adopt, and they have! No time wasted. Admittedly, their lifestyle  in the media might be questionable but the Agency qualifies them to be suitable providers for the child. Right? It must be so, after all the social worker who carried out the assessments would treat these super A-list celebrities them equally to the rest of us…. Really?

Let’s role-play a little scene where you play the interviewer and I’ll be your interviewee:

You: So, Ms Love you were caught in possession with class-A drug in 1995. How do you provide assurance that you have kicked your drug habit?

Me: My lawyer will provide the documentation that the charge is under appeal, the outcome is unclear so it should not be part of this assessment. In addition, I’m a person of faith following the *religion*, my fellow friends will vouch for my integrity as a person.

You: ok Ms Love. Let’s move to the troublesome relationship you had in the past. What does your family think of your ability to provide a long term stable family environment for the child?

Me: Actually, please don’t believe everything you read in the newspaper or magazine. *laughs* My publicist will provide evidence that those relationships were part of an image campaign to gain publicity. I actually have a strong solid relationship with my close friends and family. My financial success will provide all the material needs the child needs, and with the support of my family & friends, I will make sure the child will get all the emotional support he/ she needs.

You: *long pause* Would you consider giving up your career to be a full-time parent?

Me: *long pause and slight panic* You do understand my celebrity image is what brings in a stable family income, and long term security? I mean, my work brings in millions of dollars! I would sacrifice my all for the child’s future. However, I would be an irresponsible parent to purposely put us in financial difficulty. I will order my carers to help me develop a family schedule; we will bring in a nanny, paediatrician, physician, tutor and the rest to ensure the child to reach his/ her full potential.

You: Well, thank you for your time Ms Love. I wish you the best for the future, just remember Motherhood is a life experience not a shopping experience…

What are your thoughts?

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