Time Out Techniques for Toddlers

5,4,3,2,1. Time Out! Another tantrum session? Fast Food Mom will review the “Time Out technique” in this article.

What do you do when your two year old acts out? Where do you draw the line between, “they are just babies” and “they are misbehaving” (and driving me crazy!). It’s a fuzzy line that seems to vary from parent to parent. But when you are ready to start instilling some sort of discipline for your toddler (yes, it can be done), here are some ideas:

  • Make your time out spot a place that’s not exactly inviting (but not too scary!). What’s the point of putting them in time out in their room where they can occupy themselves with their toys
  • Also – make sure the time out spot isn’t supposed to be a haven for them at other times of the day. For example, it’s a bit silly to make their time out spot their bed or crib when you want them to sleep in it feeling safe and happy all through the night. Same thing goes for the bathroom, especially when you’re trying to potty train them!
  • Time outs just don’t work for your tantrum-driven (yet amazingly cute and smart!) child? Try simply ignoring them. Don’t preach. Don’t yell. Don’t touch. Just ignore them, giving them a time-out from you… quite possibly the worst punishment they could endure.
  • When they are through throwing a tantrum or misbehaving, don’t shower them with kisses and accolades. Instead, simply state, “I’m glad you can join us now” and play along like it almost never happened. (Even though you know it did… and you’re almost out of your mind… don’t worry, a glass of wine can cure that later.)

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