Shake Shake Baby Music Video

What’s the best way to get your mediocre music seen by hundreds of thousands of YouTube viewers?

Well, just feature a bunch of semi-cute (I mean, the cutest, most adorable) babies.

This week Fast Food Mom brings you the“Shake Shake Babies” music video is actually just a “clever” (although not entirely subtle) Hyland’s Homeopathic advertisement for baby teething tablets.

The funny part is that you see the babies holding the tablet packaging, and using the packaging itself as a teether. Not sure if they really need the tablets after?

And really… the babies seem pretty unaffected by their so-called teething anyway. Well, except for one exceptionally drooly little guy who clearly needs a washcloth more than the tablets (at least in my opinion).

What tips have you come up with regarding solving your baby’s teething problems? I’ve actually never used teething tablets, and I swear the teething gels made my babies more scared than relieved. I suppose I tried freezing some teethers in order to help cool the pain away. I guess “distraction” has always been my go-to tool for all things baby-trouble related.

Perhaps this video itself could serve as a great distraction for your teething baby? Might as well try it! You never know!

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