School Germs Spread!

The other day as I was picking up my three-year-old from her nursery school I noticed her classmate looking awfully sick. Then I noticed their teacher talking secretly to the sick child’s mother. My stomach turned. Is this poor child contagious? Moreover, is my child now sick after a full day of playing with said sick child?

I briefly toyed with the idea of keeping my healthy child away from school for a few days since it was obvious that many parents do little to keep their sick children home. (Can’t totally blame them, there’s work, lack of childcare, and most importantly the laboring pains of keeping a sick kid home only to realize one hour later that their energy has come back with a vengeance-with the helps of some meds- and their only goal is to drive you up the wall…or is that just me?)

But as a rule of thumb… here’s Fast Food Mom’s top three tips for when you should keep your kid home… for the sake of all healthy children and teachers!!

  • If they have a fever – keep ’em home (and this includes kids whose fevers “magically” disappear with some Children’s Ibuprofen)
  • If there is discharge coming from their nose and/or mouth (or I suppose elsewhere?) – keep ’em home (trust us, most three year olds don’t exactly know how to blow their nose and sanitize effectively)
  • If they are vomiting or have diarrhea – keep ’em home … until they are vomit and/or diarrhea free for at least 24 hours (do you really want this to spread around your child’s classroom??)

Stay healthy! Winter is almost over!

By Avanti

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