Latest Kids’ Fashion Trend – Mismatched Shoes and Socks

Who doesn’t want to be like Angelina Jolie? Here’s another way to do so without adopting all of the world’s children… get your kids mismatched shoes.

Put your anal, type A personality aside and let your kids decide which shoes to pair in the morning. Angelina gets her kids’ shoes from Chooze, a company that promotes differences, independent choice, and even donates a portion of their profits to “lift families permanently from poverty”. (In addition to putting the rest of us to shame.)

Not quite ready to send your kid to school with mismatched shoes? Then try mismatched socks. Companies like Little Miss Matched have made a killing off of selling socks that go together, but don’t. They sell socks either individually, or in packs of socks whose colors coordinate, but aren’t matchy matchy.

If you’re washing machine eats socks like most people’s do, getting your kids to embrace wearing mismatched socks will not only help save you time looking for that lost sock, but will save you money by not having to buy all new matching pairs of socks!

Wearing mismatched socks may also help inspire your kids to think outside the box, think more creatively and to perhaps solve world hunger. What’s more to love?

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