Real Housewives of Disney Video Review

Are you a Lindsay Lohan fan (What? Is that funny? Did the term “Lindsay Lohan fan” die with the innocence she portrayed in Disney‘s “The Parent Trap“)?

Ok, I’ll rephrase the question, just in case…

Does Lindsay Lohan entertain you (either due to her undoubted talent or for her unprecedented screw ups?)? If so, I hope you were able to catch her on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. If not, not to fear… Fast Food Mom have a clip to share with you…

It’s Lindsay Lohan as Rapunzel in a “promo” for the “Real Housewives of Disney”.  I suppose it doesn’t take much skill to roll your eyes and to act stuck up… but seeing Lindsay do it as our beloved Rapunzel is more than a hoot. Of course, she’s flanked by the SNL all-stars… so this skit had no where else to go but up.

Snow White‘s obsession with her dwarves never swindles, Jasmine has lost all her money and now lives like a rugrat along with her Aladdin, Prince Charming‘s fascination with fashion becomes apparent (and revealing!), and Kristen Wiig as Cinderella is an all-out mess.

Thought your Princess-loving girl at home might be a bit confused (and perhaps disheartened?!) by this take on Disney’s most lucrative characters, as a mom, Princess patron (even if I don’t care to be), and a Saturday Night Live fan, this YouTube clip is a must see!

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