Kids’ Party Planning Essentials – For Adults!

“So what are your weekend plans? Try a Fast Food Mom FFMs Weekend!” – continue to read

If you’re anything like most parents we know, the answer to that question is simply – birthday parties (maybe a couple of sports games) and more birthday parties. Let’s face it… we’ve lost some of the groove we once had, and have replaced it with fake happy faces at inflatable slide fun zones.

Fast Food Mom says it is time to re-balance some of the fun for Moms and Dads?

So, here’s your task – at the next kids’ birthday party you are planning, let’s see what you can do to make the adults feel like the party is actually worth their time.

Here are some inspirations from Fast Food Mom FFMs:

Whenever possible (and of course, safety first, yada yada) Let’s make it Fizzy & Buzzy: Perhaps this can help make the loud yelps of the kids be muffled. Perhaps they will help a shy parent talk with more ease to the other parents in which they have little to nothing in common with (not exactly the crowd you’d go to a concert with?). Perhaps it’ll just keep them busy. Whatever the reason… drinks can usually always help.

Ditch the Plain Pizza and Pasta: Recently I went to a kids’ party that had the most wonderful spread of sushi and mini desserts for the adults (and I suppose those kids with mature palettes). It was the Best. Party. Ever.

Bring on the Dance mats! Why do the kids get to have all the fun? Get those adults at your party to let down their hair and throw down to a few unforgettable dance battles!

What else do you think would help get the adults going at a kids party?

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