Fencing for Kids

Winter humdrums got you and your kid down this season? Tired of dragging your junior couch potato to the typical ballet lessons and soccer games? Fast Food Mom has a solution!

I, for one, would love to have a regular activity that I could take my kids to that doesn’t require a half hour of persuasion, bribery and force in order to get them to go.

Fencing for Kids is actually a not-so-new phenomena that’s beginning to really capture kids’ and parents’ attention. Kids can start as early as 4 (with plastic equipment to begin with, and at 7 they usually “graduate” to metal equipment – maybe a scary thought? But I’m willing to bet they can handle those slim swords more safely than adults?).

And according to Manhattan Fencing, fencing has a lot of benefits for your youngster:

♦ discipline (don’t all kids need this?)
♦ balance (fewer skinned knees?)
♦ coordination (for your future surgeon?)
♦ quick reflexes (this may actually really come in handy during those sibling rivalry fights)
♦ mental acuity (this is good for those arguments with the parents)
♦ good sportsmanship (get them some friends who they have something in common with… builds confidence, right?)

Plus they get to wear those ultra cool white outfits, right?

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