Viral Video Review: J Lo’s Oscar Wardrobe Malfunction?

Best moments of the Oscars? There were many, including Justin Bieber‘s feature in the opening number, Clooney kissing Crystal… and of course the much talked about Jennifer Lopez wardrobe malfunction… or was it? Take a look, and decide for yourself:

First off, I have to say that I wasn’t all that awed by J Lo’s getup to begin with. I feel like I’ve seen her in that outfit and hairdo many times before… but then again, if you’re so involved with the entertainment industry, there may be a limit to how many different looks and styles you can actually don.

I also should not have been surprised that people would somehow over critique and analyze J Lo’s dress to ensure that nothing too private was actually revealed… In my opinion, it simply gave people a reason to stare more closely at that region of her body.

In the end, who really cares if there was an actual malfunction? It’s not like she leaves too much for the imagination anyway. To me, the bigger news from that video was the fact that she and Cameron Diaz decided to present themselves with a full back view to the audience and cameras… again not a big deal in my mind… not like we haven’t seen it before (especially from the two of them), but they seemed to think that they made huge waves in Oscar history by doing so. Perhaps I’m just over them in general. Give me someone new to watch both virally and on the big screen.

By Avanti

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