Skincare for You!

When we have our little ones we seem to be obsessed with all things related to baby skincare. We get them the best of the best in terms of baby lotions, oils, creams and ointments. We make sure their skin stays as soft and supple for as long as possible. Then, after we get them all moisturized and ready we scoop them up in our arms, give them a big hug and look at the mirror together, cheek to cheek.

Well, at least that’s what I do… and I am mesmerized by the cuteness of my soft, smooth baby… but I am also equally horrified by the image of myself staring back at me. I look tired, dried out and … old. Ugh.

Ladies (and gents!), it’s time to take back our image in the mirror, as well as some of that youth. Our skin stays with us forever, and simply forgetting about it once we have children is a surefire way to guarantee that you will never look your best. So why do that to yourself when it’s relatively simple to take care of?

Dermatologists (and apparently many celebrities!) recommends that moisturizing is the best beauty trick to fall on. But not just any moisturizer will do. Be sure to pick one up with a broad spectrum SPF of at least 230 as well as retinol. Antioxidants are also a good ingredient to look out for when looking for the right product.

Lately several organic and all-natural beauty companies have come out with some excellent moisturizers. These can be good, but be sure to properly check the ingredients in order to avoid any allergies and try not to switch products too often on your skin. Stick to one and stay loyal!

Here’s to bringing sexy skin back!

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