Meditation: Give Yourself a Break

From the moment we wake up (or have the kids wake us up) we are in a race… Make sure kids brush their teeth, get breakfast made, pack lunches, get kids off to school, go to work, yada yada yada. We all know the drill.

But do we ever make a conscious effort to make the appropriate time for ourselves? By this I don’t mean brushing our own teeth, or commuting to work, or even checking our email (or perhaps even playing “Words with Friends“). I mean, do we ever give ourselves a proper amount of time for proper relaxation and stress relief?

How about meditation. For some this may seem like something only made for those who are exceptionally spiritual or “in tune” with their bodies… but if you give yourself a chance, meditation can be accomplished by anyone and everyone and will undoubtedly provide you with some great benefit.

By definition, meditation is a self-induced mode of consciousness and is a personal motivation.

For me, even five minutes of practiced meditation allows me a chance to simply focus on myself, my breathing, my body and my mental and physical health. It also gives me a true break from my hectic day, busy schedule and sometimes tantrum-driven children!

Try it out and see if and how it works for you!

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