Is it Safe to Color Your Hair While Pregnant?

A lot of debate has gone on over the years whether you can safely dye your hair while you’re pregnant. If you are anything like me, I steered clear away from it while I was pregnant with my first, but the time the second one came around I let down my guard a bit and couldn’t put down that bottle of dye.

Both kids turned out fine. But in case that testimonial isn’t enough to convince you (it probably isn’t!), perhaps you can use these tips instead.

-Limited research suggests that it’s probably totally fine to color your hair while pregnant.

-If you’re still nervous, maybe wait until the second trimester. That way the baby isn’t as vulnerable as it is in the first trimester.

-Consider using natural hair coloring techniques such as the Indian remedy of henna, which is a paste made from a flowering plant. This technique has been used since ancient times for dying not only hair, but skin, nails and even some fabrics.

-Instead of dying your full head of hair, try simply highlighting, frosting or streaking your hair.

Of course, the best advice will come from your own doctor. If you’re concerned bring this topic up at your next appointment (you surely have enough of those!).

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