Planning Entertainment For Guests

Come one, come all! Spring time is approaching, and that means more excuses for family and friends to make the trek for weekend visits.  Yes, come on Mr Motor-mouth, Ms I’m always Right, the Chucky possessed kids and the rest.

It’s wonderful having (certain!) people pay a visit, but we all know how stressful it can get (usually by the end of my family visits I am more than eager to get my space back).

That said, having guests over can be made simpler with just a bit of foresight and planning. FastFoodMom will make your life easier by offering a few popular suggestions. For example, if you’re expecting kids to come visit, be sure to plan ahead and set up a creative workstation complete with crayons, paper, and other craft activities (or maybe just set it up with a bunch of computer tablets so that they can keep occupied on those G-rated “educational” apps! We all know that keep ’em busy- whether we like it or not – am I right?). Keep the adults more than happy by keeping your refrigerator stocked with appropriate drinks (wine/ Rose/ beer for the Bigger boys) and light snacks.

And a great family-friendly home activity to always have planned is to keep some games ready! Game Nights are always a hoot… My family is a big fan of charades, and we always plan ahead and keep notecards with charades topics on hand so that we can whip them out for a quick game or two while dinner is being prepared, or before the kids’ bedtime. It keeps kids of all ages occupied and all the adults (somewhat) sane.

Ideas: Guitar Hero on XBox, Wii Sports, Home karaoke, Charades

What home activities do you plan ahead for when expecting guests?

By Avanti

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