Tummy Tuck During a C-Section?

So I’m actually considering having a third child (I might be crazy), but with two prior Cesarean sections, my doctor has advised me that it may be appropriate to have another C-section. In some ways I was disappointed, but in others I was relieved.

Then, another thought crossed my mind… could I possibly talk my doctor into giving me a tummy tuck while he’s already in there? Is that possible? Is that even safe?

With a brief Internet search on the topic I learned that, yes, it can be done with some risks (of course, no surgery is without risks), that a lot more women are asking for this procedure to be done, and yes – a lot of celebrities are lucky enough to be granted one as well.

So why not me? I have exercised. I have done  crunches. I have even ran thousands (okay, maybe just hundreds over several years) of miles. But I have also given birth to two wonderful children, which leaves most of us with that loose tummy we’d love to get rid of. Why not consider a tummy tuck during the same C-section procedure! Is that being too self conscious of me? Is this something I’d ever even admit having done to my own daughter? If not, is it worth it?

Would you do it?

by Avanti

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