School Germs Spread!

The other day as I was picking up my three-year-old from her nursery school I noticed her classmate looking awfully sick. Then I noticed their teacher talking secretly to the sick child’s mother. My stomach turned. Is this poor child contagious? Moreover, is my child now sick after a full day of playing with said […]

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Identifying Asthma Children

When my son was just two I noticed that whenever he had a cough. It would take months to go away. I would mention it to his doctor, but would usually get the response of, “it’s just a virus”. One day in particular, he was coughing so much that he couldn’t sleep or even say […]

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Time Out Techniques for Toddlers

5,4,3,2,1. Time Out! Another tantrum session? Fast Food Mom will review the “Time Out technique” in this article. What do you do when your two year old acts out? Where do you draw the line between, “they are just babies” and “they are misbehaving” (and driving me crazy!). It’s a fuzzy line that seems to […]

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