Mommy and Me Exercise Classes

Like most moms of almost any age, it’s so difficult to find the time to join an exercise class without the guilty feeling of leaving your child at home, or (perhaps worse), at the gym’s childcare facilities. For me, I also simply want to spend the “free” time that I have with my kid, rather than at an exercise class. So, what’s the solution? Well, recently there has been an influx of Mommy & Me exercise classes that have been created for exactly these reasons. Take “Stroller Strides” for example… it’s the leading total body fitness program for new moms that they can do with their babies. It includes power walking, toning and stretching and many Stroller Stride classes end with a fun playdate in order to encourage mommy relationships and baby friendships. Local community centers have also seemed to pick up on this “new” trend and have offered the option of Mommy & Me exercise classes for moms eager to get in shape while connecting with their children at the same time. And it’s true… the kids really get a kick out of singing “Jack & Jill Went Up the Hill” while watching their silly mommies jump up and down in from of them or running in circles around them. Another plus… the kids see firsthand just how important it is for everyone in the family to get up and exercise. With Mommy & Me exercise classes, health and family become a priority.  What do you think? Please subscribe to FFM & leave your comments below!

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