Hairstyle Diary

It’s just turn 10:30am, I checked in my pocket mirror for the 20th time in between crossing the road and waiting for the lights to change from amber to green on my way to the shopping mall.

Let’s face it, most of us will never stop pouting in the mirror, or secretly worrying about the public opinion of our appearance, like our precious hair. In fact, our hair is one of the features we change to reflect our emotions.  The top 4 reasons for a new hairstyle are as follow:

  • a celebrity
  • a change of season
  • a breakup
  • new love

Our professional hair stylist says, if you’re looking for a new hairstyle, but nothing too extreme. She recommends you to choose from these mommy-licious styles — the bob, the shag & the pixie.

The Bob

This popular cut is iconic and has been featured by many 30 something celebrities.  You can wear it sleek, wavy, or choppy.

Tips:  Swingy layers flatter all face shapes, from round to oval or square. “Use a thickening spray on damp strands to give it more movement,”

The Shag

This is “Layers with an attitude”.

Tips: Most suited for straight hair. To achieve the maximum shine, you should blow-dry hair before finish with a smoothing serum.

The Pixie

This is the fabulous, cheeky yet classic style.

Tips: Most suited to compliment delicate facial features. You can enhance the texture by dabbing pomade on the ends.

Whatever you decide, have Fun with it!:

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