Two Hearts Beats As One (A Pet Owner’s Story)

How long does it take to count up all the cats in the world? … all 220 million kitties. ❤

Here is another interesting fact submitted by one of our lovely subscribers. A recent research study on the connection of pet ownership and a persons heart health draw the following result: A pet owner’s heart respond better to body’s changing requirements, such as beating faster under stress conditions (i.e during exercise or stressful activities) and had higher heart variability then those who doesn’t own a pet.

The uniqueness of this experiment was that over 190 people’s heart were monitored in real life situations, outside of the laboratory. The researcher at Kitasato University in Kanagawa, Japan monitored people with diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol over 24 hours.

One professor from UCLA of Public Health said “…pets are a form of social support and they can satify some but not all social companionship needs.”

The detail report can be found in the American Journal of Cardiology. Here is a link directly to their website!


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