Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine’s Day: The traditional definition of this V-day is a day for the exchange of tokens of affection…. Have you got the perfect gift for him/ her? How about a photo shoot session to capture your kids celebrating the day?

Here are some ideas on how-to capture the cute photo for their Valentines.

1. Fun Action shot – Focus on capturing the kids in action (a jump or twirling around in a circle) and the patterns created by their arms and legs.

2. Multiple Collage  shots – Double the numbers, double the Sweetness! Snap several photos at once, then put them in a collage arrangement for display.

3. Carnival shot – Take the shot to a creative level. This is a simple top-down shot. Decorate a flat surface (ground) with flowers & cutie bears and then ask the model (your kid) to sit over the decorations.

4. Cute Close up shot – Focus on facial features. To add a bit of magic, why not give him/ her a hat to wear?

5. “I Heart U” Signs – Give your kid hold-up signs with love messages.

6. Be Bold – Carefully print a short love note across the face.

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