DareDevil mom

Adventure Mum

How far would you go for mom & daughter/ father & son activity participation?

Recently, I came across this lifestyle blog of an adventurous mom, Menna Pritchard, who appears to have a passion for her outdoor activities. Menna is 26, a single mom with a 4 months old toddler, Ffion and a full-time student working toward a degree in outdoor education.

She made the headlines in the local newspaper when she climbed a lilmestone rock-face at Thre Cliffs Bay in Wales with Ffion. What’s the big news? Picture Ffion strapped to Menna’s back.

Adventure Mum

“Life is all about risks, whether that’s something as simple as getting in your car every day or climbing up a rock face,” 

This Dare Devil mom certainly wins our respect for her. We think mounting the cliff or whatever sports she participates in, the most important thing is that she shares her true passion and joy with Ffion. The image of Menna & Ffion’s struggle to reach the top of the climb resonates something more then just a simple bonding exercise, it’s a reflection of their lifestyle.

Adventure mum


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