Do you share your pillow space with your pets?

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Have you made up your mind to bed-share with your pet or not? And how does one follow a logical path to arrive at a reasonable decision….

Bed sharing with a beloved pets is not a new concept for many pet owners. In fact, the market place promotes this daily ritual. Just look at the variety of accessories to assist dogs and cats to get onto the bed today. However, letting cats and dogs sleep in the bed might cause sleeplessness for some people due to the following:

In fact, our survey shows that 7 in 10 to pet owners share their bed at some stage in their life. For the owners who does share their bed, they highlighted issues of cleanliness and stains on their high quality bedsheets. To get around this problem, we would recommend laying washable cotton quilts over the top of the bedding. Also, for aged pets, a rubber-backed fuzzy bath mat on top of quilts would be beneficial, and why not consider placing a step by the bedside if you bed is particularly high.
Sleep tight!

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