Hogwarts Cupcakes

Ingredients For the cupcakes 100 g Golden caster sugar 130 g margarine 130 g self-raising flour 2 eggs, at room temperature ½ tsp baking powder Food colouring 2 drops of vanilla essence For the buttercream 100 g butter 200 g icing sugar 1 tsp vanilla essence For the strawberry sauce 15 strawberries 2 tbsp soft brown sugar To decorate 1-2 meringue, crumbled strawberries   Method 1. Pre-heat […]

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Killer Infections – Fatal to New Born Babies

What is this deadly infection that’s killed 6 babies at the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Belfast, Ireland? Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a common bacterium that can cause disease in animals, including humans. It is found in soil, water and on most surfaces. The symptoms of such infections are generalized inflammation and sepsis. If such colonizations occur in critical body organs, such as the lungs, the urinary tract, and kidneys, […]

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Dyslexia in Babies

Recent research at a Children’s Hospital in Boston, USA (2011) in children with dyslexia has discovered new hopes. Dyslexia is an illness which is characterised by difficulty in speaking and reading. A diagnose of this illness is not common until the child has reached the 3rd grade in kindergarden/ playschool, which is considered late for […]

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Definition of being a MOM

Motherhood – Def: the kinship relation between an offspring and the mother. maternity · family relationship, kinship, relationship. But what does motherhood really mean? Is there a definition to describe the variety of moms? In this article, FFM will attempt to define the Mirror Moms (MMs) Mirror moms tends to reflect others emotion directly. In her […]

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Toddlers & Tiaras

Photo: Taken by Toddlers & Tiaras Mom “She’s my beautiful little girl, all grown up.” It’s important to support extra curriculum activities outside of school. For some parents, baby beauty pageant competitions is their thing.  Beauty pageant is an international competition which reflects the support from a lot of parents. For the performers (the children) usually are […]

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Mommies Addiction

Dear Super Moms This is day1 of FastFoodMom blog. In the mist  of the parenting lifestyle, one has to face reality though it may be harsh and far from our ideal. It is a solution. A Solution that presents itself in different forms… therefore we are FastFoodMoms also known as FFMs. Consumers to the mass […]

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