A Night Out With The Super Stars

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Brian Cox’s ‘Wonders of the Solar System’ made stargazing cool. I don’t know whether it’s his enthusiasm for all things cosmic, or just that charming big grin that he wears, but he had me sold- hook, line and sinker. Star Spotting with the Kids A special way to get your kids, (and […]

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Kids Selfie Photographs on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter open to Bullying and Abuse

What happens when you mix social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with Teen Idols like the Miss Teen USA – Cassidy Wolf, Justin Biber, Miley Cyrus, One Direction – Harry Styles? Yes! Cyber-bullying, fears, tears and mega drama.  A recent poll revealed that 1 in 10 kids as young as 10 years old has […]

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Yoga For Kids: helping them deal with stress and anxiety

What are the benefits of yoga for kids? Introducing yoga early in life can have positive effects on a child’s emotional and social development, as well as their physical well-being. Yoga for children teaches positive self-esteem and builds confidence, self-love and acceptance of who they are through visualization techniques. It teaches children that they are […]

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Supermarket Scandal: Horse, Rabbit and a bit of Donkey in my Beef Mince please.

How do you feel about this horse, rabbit and donkey meat scandal? We have been feeding our family food that was assured by leading brandname supermarkets and they have failed in providing good information on their products. The British Government’s Action on horsemeat The Impact on innocent factory production line workers List of beef burgers […]

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Money Focus: Switch and Save at Home

Does your jaw drop when you see the utility bills? What on earth have we been doing?! You ask yourself. Hairdryers, hair straighteners, games consoles, laptops, electric blankets, kitchen appliances they all add up. According to Carbon Independent the average household’s electricity consumption in the UK is 4,500kwh per year, with around £40 a month going on electricity alone. Energy […]

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Supermarket Psychology 101( Walmart, Cosco, Asda, Tesco, Aldi, Marks & Spencers and more.)

Don’t Do It On An Empty Stomach! Walmart, Cosco, Asda, Tesco, Aldi, Marks & Spencers and more. The first golden rule of supermarket shopping is this one. Doing the weekly shop when you’re hungry is a disaster for the purse or man-purse. Not only are we tempted by all the snacks in their brightly coloured […]

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Children Abuse: How many chooses to sticks their head in the sand; British Football Authority, the Chelsea Football Manager, Eden Hazard or the parent?

The incident: Eden Hardard, Chelsea Football Player captured on national TV The father (Swansea club manager)  of the assaulted ball boy & the Chelsea Football club manager (Eden Hazards manager). Do you think they have coward out of the situation? As a parent, how would you feel if you child was assaulted by an adult […]

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3 minutes starts now. 1.

  White Lie? One of my favourite pastimes is a cup of black tea and a couple of pieces of organic dark chocolate. I’m sure many of you would agree with me that dark chocolates bitter qualities is definitely a somewhat acquired taste. But is dark chocolate as unpopular as fake chocolate? Please do not […]

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Hidden Secrets in Organic Food

Sometimes, it’s easier and less worrisome not to know what’s in your food- it must be safe otherwise the supermarkets wouldn’t sell it, right? Wrong. The truth is we just don’t know what real harm pesticides can do to our bodies, but we know that our children’s are more vulnerable to their potentially harmful effects. […]

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Sugar Rush, Make it Stop!

The food your child eats has everything to do with how much energy they have or don’t have. Sometimes they can be lethargic and sluggish, wanting to spend hours in front of the TV. At other times they might be bouncing off the walls long into the evening; you hope that they’ll wear themselves out, […]

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Fibre-ific Food

There are two kinds of fibre- the soluble kind and the insoluble kind- we’re on the latter here today- sometimes called dietary fibre. Is your family getting enough of it? Sometimes referred to as  ‘roughage’– getting  fibre is not just an issue for older people, but essential for kids too. But getting enough fibre into your kids’ tummies can be […]

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Teaching Kids About Failure

This week’s discussion topic from Education Nation is inspired by Jon Dudas’ article Failure is Required for Innovative Learning, which highlights challenging teaching methods that accept failure as a pathway to learning in the science and technology classroom. The method, which has been implemented in Merrimack Middle School in New Hampshire as part of their STEM […]

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Education Nation: When Should Children Start Learning To Read?

‘Helping Kids Read ‘Critical’ to Education’ – Education Nation  October 4th in the US is now national reading day. Read for the Record raises awareness by encouraging families to read together and prepare children for reading as young as possible, so that when they start school they have a head start. The scheme began after research […]

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Review: Cando2 Contemporary Youth Dance

Big announcement! Each month, FFM will feature and review community groups who cultivate creative young talent. Please help us identify these groups in your local communities by contacting us. I thought I’d start off the review section with a piece about London’s Cando2 dance troupe. Cando2 are connected to the Candoco Dance Company  in London N1. They are […]

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The Best Start In Life

“5th October 2012, Tommy has grown taller by another two inches. I watched him smile as he made another mark on the door frame.” Watching your kids grow is both wonderful and terrifying. Is it really possible for their little bodies to be growing up that fast?  It’s hard to believe just how hard their […]

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Skate Away the Winter Blues

Who said keeping active during the winter is easy? I have a mixed group of friends, some would still be out in the cold exercising, whilst the others would be on comfortably planted on their the couch with the TV on, catching up on celebrity gossip and eating christmas treats… Well, I guess that’s nice […]

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Talking to Your Texting Teen

We all know that texting may result in having your teens so addicted to their phones that they rarely look up to see where they are walking. There are rules against texting while driving. There are sanctions and warning against sexting. There are monetary limits to how much your teen can text. But there is […]

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Sinful Brownies Recipe

Jessica Simpson (again) made headline for her newest pregnancy craving, which she so coherently called, “slutty brownies” because “a lot go into them”. (Wow, why can’t we come up with lines like those on the spur of a moment? Are we not giving Jessica enough credit?) In any case, we figure out that she actually […]

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Car Time is Connecting Time

How much of your day is spent in the car with your children shuttling them back and forth from school events, sporting events, extra curricular activities, and playdates? Fast Food Mom FFMs Research: Average Morning school trips is 15 mins Average shopping trip is 24 mins Average play-date trip is 21 mins Average parent attention […]

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School Germs Spread!

The other day as I was picking up my three-year-old from her nursery school I noticed her classmate looking awfully sick. Then I noticed their teacher talking secretly to the sick child’s mother. My stomach turned. Is this poor child contagious? Moreover, is my child now sick after a full day of playing with said […]

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Identifying Asthma Children

When my son was just two I noticed that whenever he had a cough. It would take months to go away. I would mention it to his doctor, but would usually get the response of, “it’s just a virus”. One day in particular, he was coughing so much that he couldn’t sleep or even say […]

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Time Out Techniques for Toddlers

5,4,3,2,1. Time Out! Another tantrum session? Fast Food Mom will review the “Time Out technique” in this article. What do you do when your two year old acts out? Where do you draw the line between, “they are just babies” and “they are misbehaving” (and driving me crazy!). It’s a fuzzy line that seems to […]

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Shake Shake Baby Music Video

What’s the best way to get your mediocre music seen by hundreds of thousands of YouTube viewers? Well, just feature a bunch of semi-cute (I mean, the cutest, most adorable) babies. This week Fast Food Mom brings you the“Shake Shake Babies” music video is actually just a “clever” (although not entirely subtle) Hyland’s Homeopathic advertisement for […]

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Fencing for Kids

Winter humdrums got you and your kid down this season? Tired of dragging your junior couch potato to the typical ballet lessons and soccer games? Fast Food Mom has a solution! I, for one, would love to have a regular activity that I could take my kids to that doesn’t require a half hour of […]

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Spicy Vegetarian Chilli Recipe

For a Spicy, Chilli Indian evening. The dinner countdown is on (yet again), and you have less than an hour before that television show the kids are being occupied with (thankfully!) is over. Here’s the solution: Spicy Vegetarian Chili, made is 40 minutes or less! No joke! This veggie chili recipe from Meatless and Marvelous, […]

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Reward Yourself with Jewelry!

Fast Food Mom brings you the newest range of non-excessive jewellery. They are subtle, stylish & small cost! As your loving daughter or son would say, you know what mom, you deserve it… You cook, clean, work, manage all family crisis, help with homework and more.  So FFMs want to help your kids to choose […]

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